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Arthur Dixon Elementary School opened September 3, 1929.  The school is named for Arthur Dixon, the founder of a transfer company, an alderman for 24 years, and a president of the City Council for four years.  During its existence, Dixon has had seven principals.  The seventh, Mrs. Sharon A. Dale, has served since spring of 2006.

Chatham, the area served by Dixon, has been an all Black community since  1959.  Many professional and business leaders, who have chosen it for their home, have helped to make it an outstanding exampleof viable and substantial community life in an urban setting.  Dixon is unique in that the populaitnof Chatham is older -nearly 12% of all residents are 65 or older - and there are fewer school-age children. As a result, approximately 45% of the school population comes from communities outside of Chatham's whose schools may be overcrowded. 

As statistics indicate, Dixon School is responsible for seving hundreds of students who are faced with numerous social challenges; and who come from environments that may not be as educationally challenging or enriching as one might desire.  The task for Dixon School is to provide enough challenge in terms of curriculum, and enrichment inother areas to keep students motivated, committed and focused despite the social or environmental barriers in the path of their success.  

Since 1987, Dixon School has been a participant in the Department of Equal Educatoin Opportunities Programs' Option for Knowledge Program with an involvement in the fine arts.  Dixon's Comprehensive Fine Arts Program includes:

  • An award-winning artist and designer on staff as the full-time art instructor
  • An award-winning jazz musician on staff as a full-time music instructor.
  • Opportunities for Dixon students to create and showcase their talents in the areas of ceramics, painting, quilt-making, photography, cartooning, portraiture, metal and clay sculpture, instrument-making, drama, band and chorus.



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